We place and distribute Scriptures to win others for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our unique approach to sharing God’s Word allows us to reach vast numbers of people without duplicating the efforts of other ministries. The strength of The Gideons International has been to remain focused on selected channels of Scripture placement and distribution.


Overnight Accommodation Facilities include:

• Bed and Breakfast Inns
• Civil Defense Shelters
• Domestic Violence Shelters
• Halfway Houses
• Hotels and Motels
• Public Campground Cabins
• Military Guardhouses & Guest Quarters
• Rescue Missions
• Sleeping Rooms on Offshore Oil Rigs
• Temporary Housing Associated with a Hospital
• Transient Efficiency Apartments
• Modes of Transportation with Sleeping Accommodations Open to the Public
• Truck Stops

Penal Institutions include:

• Jails
• Juvenile Detention Centers
• Penal Institution Chapels
• Prisons

Medical Offices, Clinics, and Other Medical Opportunities include:

• Assisted Living with Skilled Care
• Hospice Centers
• Hospitals and Clinics (incl. Drug Rehabilitation)
• Medical and Dental Office Waiting Rooms
• Medical Conventions
• Nursing, Rest, and Convalescent Homes
• Veterinary Office Waiting Rooms
• Waiting Rooms of Medical Clinics Located in Pharmacies
• Waiting Rooms of Nursing Stations at Industrial Plants

Educational Opportunities include:

• Business Schools
• Church Sponsored Evangelical Educational Events to Youth
• Colleges
• Community & Junior Colleges
• Graduation or Baccalaureate Ceremonies
• Home School Associations
• Law Enforcement Academies
• Military Educational Centers (often affiliated with state universities)
• Nurse/Medical Student Pinning Ceremony
• Schools (5th Grade or 10 years old and above)
• Single Gender Schools
• Theological Seminaries & Bible College
• Trade schools & Technical Institutes

Emergency Services locations include:

• EMS Stations
• Firehouses
• Law Enforcement Stations or Offices

Military facilities include:

• Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS), also known as induction centers, throughout the USA. (They will have different names in other countries.)
• Military Bases when the opportunity arises.)
• Military Day Rooms, Libraries, Guardhouses, Chapels, and Overnight Accommodation Facilities
• Active National Guard or Reserve Forces

Other approved locations and opportunities include:

• Attorney’s Offices
• Crisis Pregnancy Centers
• Disaster and Tragedy Locations
• Fairs and Festivals
• Food Distribution Venues
• Funeral Homes
• Public, Middle School, High School, and College Libraries
• Refugee Camps
• Special Events (as approved)


The Gideons International does not affiliate with any other organization carrying out the Scripture Distribution program and does not participate in the program of any other organization. This applies in all Gideon countries.
Like all other associations, The Gideons International follows a set of rules and guidelines in carrying out our mission. The International Cabinet reviews the Scripture distribution policies periodically. As more and more new avenues for distribution and placements have arisen, simultaneously befitting policies have been prayerfully formulated and communicated by the International Cabinet of our ministry. As the Association grew in size and concept, numbers, and programs, experience dictated that guidelines be established for the benefit of everyone.